Tuesday, 26 June 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this true story is about a passionate footballer. Don't overlook your parents' advice.

Passionate Footballer

                 Once upon a time in a small village there lived a boy named Tony. He was very good, obedient and hard working. All the people of the village loved him very much. He always provided very good results in his school. Despite his studies he was very fond of playing football and was the best striker of his school team. He heard from one of his school fellow that if he wants to improve his talent in football, he will have to go to the city where very good teams and coaches are available to guide. Tony discussed it with his parents and required the permission to go there. They said,” you are too young to go there alone besides you have to complete your studies before starting football as your profession. You are still in 7th grade and this age is not suitable to start football with leaving everything.” But Tony didn’t agree at this. He was very passionate to go there and didn’t want to wait for that. So after some days he stole money from his house and went to the city without telling his parents anything. He started to do tough jobs to get money for the living expenses and joined a coaching club of football. One night when he was returning from the club some a man came to him with pistol in his hands and said, “give me all the money you have.”Tony was frightened to see this and gave all the money he had. Now Tony has left nothing to spend and on the other hands coaching expenses and living costs were out of his reach. The next day club coach demanded coaching dues but he had nothing at this he was fined for late payment and the following next day his fine was double. So after some days coaching club struck off his name from the trainee players. At that by doing very hard labor work he gathered the fare to go back in his village.
            On the other hand his parents searched him everywhere in the village and were very worried about him. All the villagers, his class fellows and his friends were searching him around the village. When he came back to the village, his parents and other people embraced him with open hearts and didn’t realize him of what he did. He promised them all that he will not disobey his parents ever and will do hard work with devotion in his entire life. He knew that with disobeying your parents you cannot get anything good in your life. He kept his promise and now he is a good player of football in a very famous club.

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