Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids! enjoy this very interesting and nice story about unity and braveness.

Sparrows and Snake


 "I am ruined, I have lost everything."
The sparrow was shouting loudly and all the sparrows gathered from the nearby trees. They all asked
What happened? What is wrong?
The sparrow said with tears in the eyes, “Today the cruel snake has eaten up my eggs. The eggs were going to change into kids.”
One of those sparrows said, “Patience my dear. It is fate for us. We can do nothing to this cruel snake. He is strong and we are weak.”
Every sparrow was talking in this tune but one of those sparrows was very brave. She came forward and said, “Every animal and bird has a right to live in peace.  We should prevent him from this cruel act. If we had stopped him in the past, he wouldn’t have done this cruel act today.”
One of those sparrows spoke, “But how can we stop that cruel snake. Who will tell him to abstain from doing this cruel act?”
The brave sparrow said, “We all will tell him. If we sparrows are united then even the lion cannot harm us. This is nothing but a little snake. Now I am going to him to stop him. If he doesn’t stop then we will have a fight with him.”
After saying that, the brave sparrow went to the snake and said, “O cruel snake! Stop eating our eggs. We are not enemies. Let us live in peace. Do you like that someone other eats your eggs and kids.”
The snake rudely said to the brave sparrow, “No one dares to fight with me. I do what I like. I will not change my activities. Do what you can.”
Brave sparrow replied, “Ok! Let be it. I was expecting good from you but you are cruel and proud. Now we will show our power if you do anything wrong to us.”
After saying this she came back to the other sparrows, told them the whole conversation and said, “Be ready. If he does anything wrong to us, we will have a decisive war and bring his end. We will be relieved forever.”
Next day the snake came and ate the little kids of another sparrow from the nest. When the other sparrows came to know about that, they became furious and went to the snake in a group.
“Come come! You week sparrows. I was waiting for you.”
All the sparrows attacked at once. They injured the snake with their beaks. Two of them were also injured but they kept on fighting. Soon the snake became blind due to wounds on his eyes. In the meanwhile ants came from a nearby tree and they all surrounded the snake. Soon after they killed the deadly snake and had a hearty meal from his body. The brave sparrow said to them, “Never be afraid from a cruel enemy. We can fight with any cruel enemy if we are united.”
All the sparrows lived a happy life thereafter.                                              

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