Thursday, 26 July 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids! Enjoy this true story about honesty.



                      Gull Khan was a poor grocery seller. He was a hard working and honest man. He knew that money earned from the hard work and honest has worth in it. This money brings happiness and calmness in our lives on the other hand money earned from wrong ways will always bring tensions and hard times.
                         Due to his good nature, he was very famous among people. His customers increased day by day. One day when Gull Khan was selling groceries in the streets on his horse cart, he saw a red purse on the ground. He picked that one and came back towards home because it was time to go back home. After reaching at home, he had his lunch and took some rest. Suddenly the red purse came into his mind. He opened it and was amazed to see that there was a lot of money in that purse. When he counted those, there were one hundred thousand dollars in it. He thought for a while
If I keep this money, I can open a big shop for my groceries with many servants in it.
But in the end he thought
This money does not belong to me. I should hand over it to its true owner.
So in the afternoon he announced in the loudspeaker
 I have found a red purse in the street. True owner of it can claim it by providing the detail of items in it.
                         True owner also heard this announcement. He was very sad of losing his purse. He even not had the money to have a lunch. Immediately he reached to Gull Khan and told him about all the items and true amount of money in the purse. Gull Khan returned him all the money with purse.
                        Right after ten days, he received a cheque of fifty thousand dollars with a letter. He opened the letter and read it
I am sending this amount of fifty thousand dollars as a gift to you. I am very pleased with your honesty. Please keep this money. This is your prize.
Gull khan opened a big shop of cloth and hired two servants for the shop. Now he is a big business man.     

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