Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids! Read this short story and improve your cleaning habit.

First Step

                                        Pinky! Pinky! Pinky’s mother entered in her room calling her name. Pinky was with her friend Nanny. Pinky’s mother said, “Pinky come fast, all the people are waiting for you”
                         Pinky put football in the bag and came out with her friend Nanny. All the people had sit in the car. Nanny, Pinky and her mother also sit in the car. Pinky and Nanny were intimate friends. They read in same school. Their parents were also good friend with one another.  Their homes were also close. They were going to Picnic today. They were very happy. They had good journey then they reached picnic point. There was much greenery there. There was a forest also which was near. There were many people came there. When sun was setting, all the people were going to home. Pinky was sad to see that people through garbage on the ground. Pinky said to Nanny, “lets clean the garbage from ground and put that in our bag”. Then they started cleaning the ground. When Pinky’s mother saw that, she said “what are you doing dear?” Nanny said, we are cleaning the ground, this garbage is ruining the beauty of this place.”
Mother said, “This is not only our duty that we should clean the ground.” Pinky’s father also came there and asked, “What happened?”
Pinky’s mother told the matter. Father said, “This is very good”. Mother said, “you are also encouraging them?”
Father said, “Anyone should be encouraged who took this first step. You should also encourage them.”
Nanny’s father approved it and said, “The way we clean our home, we should also clean our street and town in the same way”
Pinky’s mother said, “You are right!”
Nanny’s mother said, “Other countries are very advanced in the matter of cleanliness and are progressing”.
Pinky said. “We should adopt this habit”. This was being listened all the people near around them. Then all the people cleaned the ground together. That place became beautiful again. They all became very happy.

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