Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Interesting Story For kids Tonight

Dear kids this is an interesting story about laziness. I hope you will enjoy it.
The Lazy Lion
                    In a jungle there lived a lioness with her two sons. She loved them very much and brought them up with immense care and affection. She brought them other animals as a prey daily and provided them plenty of food. When they grown up a bit the lioness wanted them to go with her to find prey so that they can learn to find their own prey. Elder son immediately prepared to go along with but younger son made lame excuses by saying that “ I am not feeling well , I’ll go there after some days etc”. She went with her elder son.
After some days still younger son was not ready to go and find prey. Actually he was very lazy He thought “as I find my food at home why should I go there and work hard. Lioness used to advice him daily that he is child of a lion and he should try to find his own food otherwise laziness will become your nature but he put a deaf ear to her advice. Time spent speedily and both brothers became complete lions. Elder son was very active and the younger one was very lazy and idle. He spent his life on food brought by his mother and brother.
One day a hunter came in jungle and shot down the lioness with the bullet. When the elder son came to know about that he was very sad. He tried to take revenge from the hunter but could not found him. He came to his younger brother and said”brother our mother was very old and weak and due to this she  was killed now you are very dear to me leave your laziness and be with me during work otherwise your laziness will harm you one day”. After listening this he said “you are jealous with me do not think about me I’ll be all right”.
Elder lion was very sad to hear this. He did not say anything and silently left the place. Time passed on and the big lion always fed his younger brother and kept on providing him food. The younger one took this with stubbornness and enjoyed it. Big lion got a family after some time and he had to feed them. Now it was very difficult for him to feed his brother as well as his children. So after some time he stopped to provide food to his younger brother. Now the younger lion became very weak. He was very lazy  and even now he did not dare to find a prey. Slowly all of his power and health came down and even he was not able to move. Then a hungry rat came there and saw him he thought of him as a dead lion. The rat began to eat the ears of the lion but the lion was not able to move. By seeing this other rats also came there and started eating lion. After that other animals also came there got their share from the body of the lion. At the end he was thinking about his laziness and advices of his mother and brother. He was also ashamed but now there was no benefit to it. Laziness got him to death.

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