Friday, 18 November 2011

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this is an interesting story telling us that how a brave and intelligent person can solve the problems wisely. Read and enjoy.
                                                     The Old Detective

               All the animals of jungle were gathered around Sir Owl’s tree because it was Saturday night and every Saturday night Sir Owl had a story for them. His had so interesting stories that animals and birds used to come far across distance. Even the king of jungle lion regularly attended the gathering. At last Sir Owl came with spectacles and started the story.
               Once a good king named Chris ruled a country. He was very kind hearted and noble person. He loved his people very much. He had war with his neighbor country. His army fought bravely and as a result they won the war. King Chris made a big celebration of his victory. Now his country was very big. He went to the palace of new country and decided to live there but his detectives told him that a demon lives in this palace and due to him royal treasure in this palace is reducing day by day. King announced that anyone who will reveal the fact about that demon will be rewarded by fifty thousands gold coins. At this announcement hundreds of the people came but none of them got success. They spent their whole nights in the treasure room but treasure continued to be reduced. They said that they saw a cloud of smoke and soon after this they were senseless. King Chris was very worried about this his ministers advised him to replace the royal treasure to another place but he was very anxious to know the reality about demon.  So after thinking for some days he hired an experienced detective from Greece. The old detective came after some days and the king provided him all the details. The old detective gathered all the details. The king promised him to award one hundred thousands of gold coins if he resolves the matter. At night the old detective went to treasure room and hid himself behind a statue. Late at night he heard some voices about movement and soon after that a cloud of smoke appeared but he became senseless within moments and when he came into senses he saw that many of gold utensils were gone. The old detective told everything to the king and demanded for a pipe in the treasure room that can suck the smoke out of room. He was provided that pipe. On the next night old detective was again in the treasure room and late at night again he heard some voices, the cloud of smoke appeared, he held his breath and very soon the pipe sucked out all the smoke. Then the old detective saw that a piece of wall moved in the treasure and a man came out from there. The old detective was hiding himself behind a statue. The thief started to steal gold utensils, put them in the bag and then went out from that hole in the wall. After he was out the wall moved and there was no hole at all. The old detective came out. He tried to move the wall but at first he failed then he tried again and found three different small screws and after handling with them he was able to move the wall. He went through it and saw a tunnel there by going across the tunnel he saw a window of the room there. By seeing through the window he saw man counting the stolen treasure. The old detective went back. Next day he told everything to the king and that night the thief was caught easily. Investigation revealed that the thief was among the persons who constructed that palace and this tunnel system was made by him to steal the treasure. The old detective was rewarded with the price and king enjoyed a happy life with his people thereafter.
         Now it is very late at night you all seem to be tired so go to your homes and have a sound sleep, by saying this Sir Owl went back to his home and all the animals and the birds also went to their homes after listening such an interesting story.

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