Monday, 21 November 2011

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story is about importance of everything around us. Everything has definitely a use.
The Ugly Tree

                     Stacy was the lovely daughter of her parents. They completed each of her wish and desire within no time and due to this she became arrogant and stubborn. She got new and good toys and other things and within some days all these were converted into bad and broken shape. Once in vacations she came to her grandparents’ house with her parents. They planned to go for a picnic to the bank of a river and so on the Sunday morning they went to enjoy. There was a jungle near the bank of the river. There were trees of many types in that jungle some of those trees had fruits and some of them had beautiful flowers. Stacy was very happy to see that. “How beautiful and place it is” she said to her grandmother.  Suddenly she saw an old, crooked and curved tree between so many beautiful trees. She said,”this tree is so ugly and bad and should not be here. It is of no use.” Grandmother was not happy to listen this she called upon Stacy and said to her,” nothing in this world has been created without a cause. It will definitely have a use for someone”. “What use of it will be”?  Stacy said. Then grandmother reminded of a story she heard in her childhood and stared to tell her.
               Once there was a beautiful road surrounded on its both sides with beautiful trees. Only one of these trees was not straight and beautiful. That tree was not happy on its look and hated himself. That tree was very sad on its look and always thought that how it would beautiful and charming if I would be a straight and beautiful tree. After some days some carpenters came to that place. They needed some woods to make sofas, beds and cupboards. They cut off many straight trees and when they reached the curved tree they left him saying that,” this tree cannot be used to make our goods because it is not straight. There is no need to cut it off.” So that tree was saved due to its curved nature. He thanked his creator to make him curved and ugly because due to this his life was saved. Now the travelers used to sit in the shelter of that tree because all the other trees were gone.
            Stacy was very influenced by that story she promised that she would not consider anything useless in this world. From this story she came to know that everything in this world is made for a purpose and with all these small things the world looks so beautiful.

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