Sunday, 20 November 2011

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this is an interesting story about a magical tree who helped Steve in getting rich as well as provided protection. Read and enjoy.
                                                           Magical Tree     

“I think we have got enough of goods. Lets make some rest dear son and then we’ll go back.” Said the dad of Steve and sat near a stem of tree.
                  Steve was in fifth grade and lived in a small village. His dad was a wood cutter; he used to cut woods in the jungle and then brought these to sell in the market. On Sundays Steve used to help his dad in his work. One Sunday when they reached the house after work, it was very cold. Steve’s mom made them a coffee and they made up fire from the woods. Suddenly Steve saw a seed in the woods and asked, “What type of seed is it”?
Steve’s dad said, “I don’t know, I am also seeing first time this sort of a seed”. “We will implant this seed in our house and will see what grows from it” saying this Steve kept the seed in his pocket.
                   After implanting that seed they kept on watering it and after some days a small plant grew out of it which kept on increasing day by day. They made a fence around it to keep it out from danger.
Then they became busy in their lives but didn’t forget to provide water to that plant. The plant kept on increasing and after two years it became a complete tree. Flowers of red colour started to appear on that tree with a very pleasant fragrance. After some days the flowers started to convert in seeds. When this process was completed they gathered all the seeds taken from the tree. One of the seed was bigger than all. They picked it up and when they broke it up they were amazed. They saw a wonderful diamond lying in it. Next day his dad went to the city and sold that diamond in a jeweler shop and got a good amount of money. He made a beautiful house out of that money and started a new business. Steve also got admission in a good school.
                 When this news came to the Mayer of the village, he wanted to purchase that tree. Mayer was ready to pay any amount of money as a cost of that tree but Steve’s dad was not agreeing to sell that tree. Mayer became angry but said nothing. Tree continued to grow and became a very strong and long tree with many branches. In the next year tree got fruits after the flowers and these were very tasty. They distributed fruits to the whole of village. They also sent foods to the Mayer. When the Mayer ate fruits, he found them very tasty and the next night he sent some of his servants to grab the tree including roots. The servants reached to Steve’s house and tried to grab the tree.
                          At midnight Steve and his family heard voices of screaming. “From where are these voices coming?” he asked from his mom but she didn’t know. The voices were coming where the tree was so they came out from their rooms and saw that near the tree there were some men but strange about them was that around them there were branches of that tree and it was looking that tree was holding those people tight. Steve’s dad came near them they asked forgiveness by telling that Mayer sent them there to steal that tree but as they came near the tree the branches of the tree caught them tight. They were ashamed of what they did. Steve’s dad made them free from branches and they saw that the tree did nothing with Steve’s dad. Next day they saw another fruit on that tree but it was bigger in size they got them and when it was cut into pieces they saw another diamond in it. At this the Steve said, “ dad we have everything that we needed now we will distribute the income from this diamond into poor and needy people who don’t have money for their basic necessities.” Steve’s dad was smiling with satisfaction and happiness on his face.

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