Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story is about an innocent and beautiful princess. She came into a big trouble. Read and enjoy.
Princess and Woodcutter

                     A very good and kind hearted king ruled in a country. King had a daughter named Barbara. Princess Barbara was very beautiful and good mannered. Her mother died because of cancer so the king married second time.
                   Step mother was not good to princess and started to be cruel with little princess. Her step mother used to tease her all the day long but as the king entered in the palace her step mother tried to be very nice with her. Time was passing in this manner. One day by mistake the princess broke the favorite flowerpot of her step mother. Queen was furious at this and punched hard to the princess. The princess went to her room weeping but she told no one about that. She thought of a plan. She thought about leaving the palace instead to be punished daily. After thinking this she came out from the palace and came into the jungle.
             Princess saw an old lady sitting beneath the tree. When the princess went near her she asked,” why have you come here?” at this the princess told everything about her that how her step mother teased her and how she ran from her house. When the old lady came to know that she was a princess, she imprisoned the princess into the stem of the tree.
            When the king came to know that princess was not in the palace he was very sad. He announced in the whole country that who will find the princess will be rewarded with fifty thousands of gold coins.
            That old lady was actually a witch and wanted to revenge from king because king punished that old lady. She used to live in that country before but used to do evil things to the people of the country. She killed two of the men in the country with her evil magic and when the king came to know about that he ordered to hang that witch. When the policemen took her to be hanged in the prison, they were astonished to see that the witch disappeared in front of their eyes.
             A wood cutter named Anthony lived in that country. He also heard the announcement from the king but he didn’t give consideration to it. One day when he was going to cut woods in the jungle he saw an old lady sitting in the jungle. Anthony didn’t know that she was a witch. When he was searching for a tree to cut, the old lady mentioned him towards a tree which was long and big tree. In that tree the princess was imprisoned. Witch was happy that now the princess will be killed. Anthony left his axe to cut the tree. Witch went from there as she saw him cutting that tree. After some hits the Anthony heard the voice”slowly, slowly”. He stopped for a moment looked around but there was no one around. Then he started again but again those voices came “please slowly, please slowly.” This time he was not afraid. After some hits he saw a beautiful girl standing there where he worked with axe on that tree. She looked outside and jumped outside the tree. By her dresses and jewellery Anthony assessed that she was from a rich family. Anthony asked the girl how she reached there. She told everything to him that how her stepmother teased her and how the old witch imprisoned her into that tree. When Anthony came to know that she was a princess he reminded the announcement of the king. Anthony he thought of a plan, he said,” Because I’ve released you from the imprisonment of the old witch, the king will definitely listen my words. I’ll tell everything to the king about your stepmother.”
                   At first the princess didn’t agree on that but when the Anthony told her that everything will be alright she agreed on that. When went to the palace after that. When the king saw the princess he embraced her at once. Anthony told the king that he has promised princess to set her free from all troubles and told the king everything about her step mother and the old witch. King was very angry at the queen, he ordered the queen to get out from palace at once. Anthony got his prize from the king and they all lived happily after that. 

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