Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story is about result of lies. Be a truthful personality.
Result Of Telling Lies
                   Bunty and Sunny were both the cute sons of the sparrow. They were very good, intelligent and friendly but they had a bad habit of telling lies. One day Bunty hid himself behind a tree and Sunny said to her mother,” me and Sunny were flying over the jungle when the hunter injured the Sunny. Please hurry up he is in danger”.
                  When the sparrow got there, no one was there and she understood that it is a new lie from them then she advised them not to tell lies but they didn’t took it seriously.
                One day Bunty and Sunny were flying over the jungle when a hunter came and tried to hunt them. Sunny was escaped but Bunty got hurt with one arm even he was not able to fly. Sunny went towards home immediately to tell his mother but the mother said after listening it all,” you are again telling lie. Do not make me a fool otherwise I’ll never believe you”.
             Sunny tried to convince his mother but she didn’t believe it. On the other side Bunty died due to the pain and when Sunny got there he was thinking about his bad habit. “If we were not liars then my brother wouldn’t have died” He thought.
            Dear kids we got a lesson from here to never tell a lie because our this habit sometimes cause serious loss to us.

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