Wednesday, 1 February 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this true story tells us that do not tease others just for your own happiness.
                                        Don’t Tease Others

Phillip was a very intelligent but a naughty boy. He used to tease the others with his dangerous pranks and all the other people were not pleased with his pranks. They used to complain about Phillip off and on to his parents. His parents used to advice him to be a good child but he gave no attention to his parents.
He lived in a small village with little facilities. So living in a small group all the people always treated him with love and never gave him a punishment. His pranks were found everywhere sometime he was locking someone’s door from outside, sometime he was found to cutting the branches of the trees and sometime he was teasing the pets of others.
Near to Philip’s house was the house of Mr. Roberts who was the richest man of village. Mr. Roberts was also a good and pious man and was also aware of the Philip’s pranks. One day when all the villagers were away at work, he came out from his house and punctured the car of Mr. Roberts’ with a needle. No one was near the car. He came onto his roof. Mr. Roberts then came to drive the car but car was unable to move. Philip was watching this from his roof and was enjoying that scene. Suddenly his foot slipped from the roof and he feel down from there. He was in severe pain due to that accident. His parents decided to bring him towards a nearby town for treatment but there was no transportation in that village. There was only one car of Mr. Roberts which was unable to move. There was no hospital in the village for treatment. They all decided to bring Philip to the doctor on the horse. Horse gave him jerks while travelling and on every jerk he gained severe pain. If he had not punctured the car there would be no pain for him. He had now got punishment of his deeds and had decided not to tease anyone again.

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