Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids we find in this interesting story that real happiness is in giving and caring nature.
                                  Stay Away From Jealousy

Jack was now a days very busy in his studies. The reason was that his final exams were very near. Because he was hard worker, intelligent and good student so he was preparing for his final exams with all his zeal and zest.
“Jack! You are studying for a long time. Please help out your sister Tracy for a while she is finding difficulties in math.” Jack’s mom asked him.
“Mom please don’t disturb me. You know very well that I am busy in my exam preparation. I don’t listen anyone while I am studying and as always I want to come at number one position in my class.”
Jack always wanted to come at number one in his class. While his exam preparation he used to abandon his T.V, computer and all other activities. This time his competition was with Ben who was a new entry in his class and was performing magnificent in the class. Jack was madly trying to defeat him in studies.
Tracy was trying to solve her math sum for a long time but she was not finding the way to solve it. She again went to her brother
“Brother! please solve me this sum of math. I’ll be thankful to you.”
Jack was furious at this
“I need calmness. In the school my mind remains upset due to Ben and now you are making me upset.”
Jack was not admitting that he was jealous with Ben. He was jealous with the achievements of Ben and due to this strong jealousy he remained upset all the time. After some days he looked as an ill person. The urge to defeat Ben increased day by day and he compromised most of his sleeping, eating and resting. As a result he became ill and despite of having a good preparation of exam, he was not able to appear in his exams.
There was a knock at the door. Tracy opened the door and Ben was standing at the door with a bouquet of flowers.
“I have heard that Jack is ill. He even not appeared in exams. I have come to console him and cheer him up.”
Tracy told Jack about Ben and Ben embraced Jack when he saw him. Jack was impressed with the behavior of Ben. He was thinking about Ben as an enemy but he was a good person.
Now Jack knew that your positive attitude and healthy competition is a key to success. He also knew that by helping someone you get the real happiness. He found himself asking to his sister
“Do you need my help in math? I’ll happily provide you.”

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