Monday, 30 January 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story tells us that our sincere friends are valuable and don't take them for granted.
                                                           Burden Of Debt

“Andy listen! Please lend me 5 dollars.”Bob said to Andy.
Bob belonged to a middle class family. He had good friendship with Andy whose parents were very rich. Bob used to get one dollar as his pocket money but he was extravagant so he used to borrow money from his friend to fulfill his desires. One dollar was not enough to fulfill his desires.
Andy never refused to lend him the money so their friendship became strong due to the habit of both these friends. Same was happening that day and Andy gave 5 dollars to his friend without any hesitation.
“I will return you in few days.”
“Doesn’t matter, return me these whenever you want”
Bob lavishly spent that money and at the end of school time that day he had spent all that money. They both went to their home after school time. At night Bob saw a movie in his house and in the movie he saw that two friends were having a fight on lending money and returning it not at time. He thought that when we both will grow up then probably this thing can happen to us and it is possible that one day I will have to lose a very good friend like Andy. He was now ashamed of what he did. He was now reminding all the money he borrowed from his friend. He promised to himself that from now on I will not borrow a single penny from my friend to spend it lavishly.
From that day he immediately cut all his expenses and began to collect the money he borrowed from his friend. After a few months birthday of Andy came.
At the ceremony everyone gave Andy their presents and Bob returned all the money he had borrowed from Andy and thanked him to lend it. They both were very happy and now they were very good friends because there was no danger to their friendship.


  1. It is worth taking the risk. Nice story by the way.

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    1. Thanks for the compliment.Kids are the most beautiful things on this earth and to entertain them with a good lesson is my best time pass. In this story I want to teach them that money can interrupt in our sincere relations. So do not take them for granted.