Friday, 3 February 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids we find in this true story that courtesy gains much looses nothing.


              Jack lives in a town. He was very polite and obedient to his elders but he was very poor. His parents died in his childhood. He used to sell honey in the town. His manners and courtesy helped him a lot and all his honey was sold in a half day time. He was honest and used to talk with his customers in a very polite way.
              In the same town a boy named Bob lived. He was also poor and used to sell honey in the town but he had only one or two customers in the whole day time. Reason behind it was that he didn’t talk well to his customers. That is why people didn’t like to purchase honey from him and they liked Jack. Bob was jealous with Jack.
              One day no one purchased honey from Bob and he came to his house without money. At that night he had nothing to eat at home. When Jack knew that Bob had nothing to eat, he went to him and gave everything for eating he had at home. Bob was surprised to see that.
“I was always jealous with him and he has come to help me.”
He thought to himself and then asked
“What is the reason why people purchase honey from you instead of me and I think that my honey is normally better in quality than you.”
Jack said
“No matter how good the honey is but if your manners are not good and you are not polite then no one will purchase honey from you. If you are an honest one, you talk with politeness to people and speak the truth then people will like to purchase honey from you.”
              Bob gave very much importance to Jack’s words and promised that he will never use bad manners to people. Next day when he came out to sell honey, he started to talk good to people and started to sell honey with honesty. The people started to purchase from him. The people started to like Bob and Bob started to like courtesy.

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