Saturday, 4 February 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story will provide you the importance of good nature and clean and tidy environment. 
                             Keep Your Surroundings Clean


                           There was a park near the Andy’s house. He used to go daily in the park with his friends for playing. They didn’t only play there but also helped the gardener by looking after the trees and plants. They treated the park like their own house. As they wanted to be their home clean so they also wanted to keep the park clean and tidy.
                          On Sunday Andy went to park after studying. Usually on holidays more visitors were there in the park. Andy watered the plants with the gardener. His friends also helped them. In the meanwhile Andy saw that two children ate the bananas and threw the Banana peel on the ground. Their parents were also nearby and they didn’t stop them. Andy felt wrong about that. He went to their parents and said
“Uncle! This is a very beautiful park because it is always very clean and tidy. It always look to people that they are in their own home.”
Uncle listened to Andy and said
“But uncle! Your kids are spoiling this park. They have recently eaten the bananas and put the banana peels in the park. If your kids are doing this then others will also follow them. We work hard to keep this park clean and tidy. It should be mandatory for everyone to take care of those places where they go for visit. People usually visit places and throw their rappers and other things everywhere which eventually becomes the causes of pollution and our beautiful plants and trees suffer from it.”
in the meanwhile the uncle’s kids who were listening to the conversation rushed towards the banana peels. Picked them from there and put them in the trash basket. After doing this they came to Andy and said
“From now on we also will take care of this park like our home. We all should take care of streets and all places like our homes.”
“You are right. Our country is like our home. We should take care of it as a group.” Said Andy and they all went to their homes.   

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