Tuesday, 21 February 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids we find in this true story that honesty is always the best policy. Try to be like Anthony.

                                Anthony lived in a small village. He was very honest and pious man. Due to these qualities he was very famous in his village.
                     One day as usual he was going to his fields to plow, he saw a pouch. He saw here and there but there was no one so he picked the pouch. When he opened it, it was filled with gold coins. Now instead of going to fields he came towards house and told her wife everything. When her wife came to know about it, her heart filled with greed and she said
“We keep this pouch and leave this village at once. In the big city we will make a new house and live luxuriously. “
                       Anthony was not in greed and said
“No! I can’t do this. I’ll find out the owner of this pouch and deliver him his pouch”
“You have found it on your way so you are not the thief” his wife started convincing him to keep the pouch but Anthony didn’t agreed and went out from home with the pouch. In the way he met the Mayer of the town. Mayer came to Anthony and asked
“You are here and not doing your work as usual in the fields. What’s the matter?”
Anthony told the complete matter to Mayer and said
“I am finding the true owner of this pouch so that I can hand over this pouch to him”
After hearing this the Mayer smiled and said
“This pouch is your prize.”
Anthony became surprised at this and said
“Prize? But why?”
Mayer said
“I have heard much about your honesty in this village so I put this pouch in your way because no one comes to this way so early.”
“But why?” Anthony said.
“To test your honesty. Now this pouch is your prize.” The Mayer said.
Anthony came home with great joy; he gave the pouch to his wife and said
“If I came into greed then I wouldn’t had got this pouch as a prize.” The he told the complete conversation with the Mayer to his wife.
Afterwards he purchased a good house and lived happily thereafter. 

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