Saturday, 25 February 2012

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this interesting story tells us that don't be over clever to cheat others like fox did. 
                                                            Fox and Crow

                          Once there was a crow that lived in a jungle. There was a woodcutter’s house near the jungle. When the woodcutter used to go out from his house, the crow used to go in the house and steal all the cheese from that house. Woodcutter was very worried about the thief. He tried many times to catch the thief but in vain.
                        On one day the woodcutter badly needed the cheese. When he went in the kitchen, he saw there was no cheese left in the kitchen. He became furious at this, picked a stick and went to find the thief. On the other hand when the crow reached the jungle, a hungry fox saw that crow. She saw the cheese in the mouth of crow. She thought to grab that cheese from the crow. After thinking this she went towards the crow and said
“I have heard that you have a beautiful voice, please sing me a song.”
Crow was flattered with the appreciation and started to sing a song. The cheese went loose from his mouth and the fox at once picked that up. The crow demanded it back but she refused to do so.
                          At the same time the woodcutter approached there with that stick. When he saw the cheese in the mouth of fox, he became furious. He thought about fox as his thief and started to beat the fox. Crow flew away at once but the fox was beaten hardly by woodcutter. Her wittiness didn’t work for her. 

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