Sunday, 24 June 2012

Funny Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this story of a fox and a crane is friendly caution for those who pose to be over-clever. Such people generally overestimate their intelligence, and they feel pleased in making fun of others. They do not realize that they can be fooled the same way.

Tit For Tat


                      There lived a fox and a crane in a jungle. They were very good friends. They used to meet each other very often. They invited each other to different functions. Once the clever fox decided to make fool of the crane. She invited the crane to dinner. The crane arrived at her place well in time. The fox offered the crane delicious curry in a plate. The crane could not eat it because the plate was to fat. His long beak prevented him from eating the curry. He felt insulted. The fox was much amused to see his friend tricked.
                  On his back the crane kept on thinking about the incident. He was much disturbed. He planned to play the fox back in the same coin. After some couple of weeks he invited the fox to dinner. The fox reached there happily. But alas, he could not eat anything. The crane had offered him food in a jar having a narrow neck. The fox tried several times but could not reach the food. Now she realized that he was tricked back.

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