Sunday, 24 June 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this true story is from traditional moral stories. Read and enjoy.

Farmer and His Sons

                     The story of farmer and his lazy sons shows that hard work is a precious treasure. The hardworking people keep on trying and get reward of their efforts from ALLAH almighty. The lazy ones have no place in this world.
                     Once upon a time a farmer lived in a remote village. He had three sons. The man was very hard working. By the grace of god his hard work rewarded him a lot. He grew plenty of corn to make a proper living. But unfortunately his sons were very lazy. They helped their father off and on. They spent their time in eating, sleeping and idle talks. They did not mend their ways even when their father got seriously ill.
                   The father could not work any longer in this farm. The family had hard times. The three brothers never realized that they should start working at least in this miserable situation. The old man was much grieved. Luckily, he thought of a plan. On his death bed he called upon his sons and told them that he had buried a treasure in one of his farm. After disclosing this he breathed his last. He could not explain further. After his death his three sons were glad as well as gloomy. They were happy that their father had buried a treasure for him, but they never knew farm the treasure was buried in.
                    At last, they decided to dig one farm after another. They dug deep all the farms, but did not get the treasure. They were disappointed. Then they thought of sowing crops in the fields they had dug. However, their efforts bore fruits. They had plenty of harvest during the season. Now they realized that hard work was the most valuable treasure for any person in the world.
Hard work is a key to success

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