Friday, 20 July 2012

Funny Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids enjoy this very short and funny story about intelligence.



                   Two friends were fishing at a lake. There fishing rods were hanging in the lake. In the meanwhile a policeman came there and saw them. One of the friends suddenly stood up and started to run. Policeman also started to chase him and caught him after a while. The policeman said
Why are you fishing without having a license?
The boy said, “I was not fishing without a license. I do have a license.”
The policeman asked,” Where is your license?”
 Boy picked out a license from his pocket and handed over to the policeman. Policeman checked the license with surprise gave back the license and asked
 You had a proper license then why did you run from there?
I ran from there just because my friend doesn’t have a license.
The policeman at once saw towards his friend but there was no one there. 

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