Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids! Most of the people are so overtaken by greed that they are not patient enough to wait for bright prospects. They want to be very prosperous within a very short time. Secondly, greed makes them crazy. Greedy people are never satisfied with what they have got, but they always wish to get what they do not have at present. This interesting story of such a greedy man who killed his hen that laid the golden eggs will prove the truth of the saying: “Greed is a curse.”

Haste make waste


                 Once there lived a man in a town. He was very poor, but at the same time he was very ambitious. He kept on dreaming about good happy times. He prayed to God to make him rich day and night. He thought that wealth would become a source of satisfaction for him. Anyhow, his prayer was accepted. One day he found that his hen laid a golden egg. He was overjoyed. He sold that golden egg and got a plenty of money. The hen laid a golden egg every third day.
                  After a few months he became a very rich man of the town. Everyone envied hid fortunes, but he was not satisfied. He kept on dreaming about even happier times. Wealth had, in fact, made him more greedy and unwise. He made a foolish plan. He wished to get all the eggs at one time. He thought that in his way he would become richest person of the town. He told his plan to his wife. She was a sensible woman. She asked him to satisfy with whatever he had. She further told to patiently wait for better times. The man did not accept her advice. Greed had made him insane. He wanted to be the richest man of the town in a short time. So he continued with his plan.
                   Next day he killed the hen, hoping that he would have a lot of golden eggs. He was overjoyed to think that soon he would have a lot of wealth. He became shocked to see that there were no eggs in the belly of hen. But he was and gloomy. He felt sorry for his foolish act, but it was too late. 

                   He himself brought his fortune to ruins. Impatience and greed for money had made him crazy and foolish. What he had done could not be undone.
The greedy fellow was ashamed by everyone for what he had done. His family and friends started cursing him. He had got a golden opportunity, but he spoiled it because of his unwise and greedy nature. At the end he did realize his folly, but then it was too late.

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