Thursday, 12 July 2012

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids enjoy this interesting story about a king and his sons.

In Search Of Diamond


                           Once upon a time, there was a King who was very merciful. Public was very happy with that king. As time passed, he became old. Now he was no more able to run the Government of the country. So, he wanted to choose a king from one of his two sons. Now all the time he was thinking that who should be the King. He discussed this matter with most wise man of his cabinet. After thinking for a while, the wise man suggested to king that he should test his both sons and decide who is able to rule the country.
                    According to the plan King said to his trusted person that he should change his appearance as a beggar and go to the forest. The King made him understood the whole plan.
                   Now the King called his both sons and said, “Dear sons! Now I’m old and want you to be a next King one of you. But if you want to be the king of this country, you have to go to the middle forest of this country where I have hid the precious diamond. Who one will bring the diamond; he will be the next King.”
                    Both princes got excited about it and on the next morning, they set out on the journey. Journey was too long that they had to rest in the forest for a while. During the stay, the man whom King had sent as a beggar in the forest went one by one to the both Princes and said, “I’m very poor and needy, will you help me?”
                     Elder son of the King refused to help the beggar and again started his journey to search the diamond. The younger son of the King was as merciful as his father. First he helped the poor man and then started his journey again. He helped the poor beyond thinking about the diamond and Government. When they came back from the journey, the king asked, “Who has brought the diamond?”
Elder son of the King said with excitement, “I have brought that diamond”
King asked his younger son, “Why could not you found the diamond?” younger son told him the entire story about the beggar that how he helped the beggar and got late. Now there was happiness on the face of King and he told his both sons all the planning about the beggar and the diamond search. He said, “I wanted to test something that I have tested”
                        After saying this, he admired his younger son and appointed him as a new king of the state. Elder son of the King was ashamed that why he had failed in the test. He could also be admired by the king if he had helped the beggar but he was also impressed by his younger brother who was more merciful than him. So he also started helping poor and the needy people and they lived happily after that. 

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