Thursday, 12 July 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids don't try to cheat your parents with lame excuses as Andy did in this short story.

Don’t Be Over Smart 

                               Andy was a very intelligent boy but he didn’t like his studies and he didn’t like his school either. He only liked his home, his computer games and his play times. His parents used to force him daily to go towards school.
                     One day he thought of a plan. When his mother came to wake him up in the morning, he pretended to be in fever. So he was allowed to stay at home. He was very happy. His parents provided him a patient’s food which was tasteless. Now he was really worried about himself. He was not allowed to leave his bed and so he didn’t play games. His mother was watching him all the time. He hardly spent three hours on his bed, came to his mother, told her everything and apologized for what he did. His mother forgave him on this condition that from now on he will never tell a lie and cheat his parents. He promised to be a good boy.  

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