Monday, 2 July 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids just believe on yourself and don't believe on false predictions about the future. Read this short story and enjoy.

Astrologist In trouble


                       An astrologist lived in a country. All his predictions proved themselves accurate. So the people loved him very much.
                  One day the king of the country called him. He said to the astrologist.
Dear astrologist! Tell something about my future.
Astrologist made some calculations and then said
Respected king! This year seems to be very difficult for you. It is probability that you will have death this year.
                 The kind became very sad after hearing this. The minister of the king was hearing all this and when he saw that the King was sad, he was furious at astrologist. The minister asked again for the calculations and this time the result was also same. Now the King became sure of his death and his face was pale. The minister thought for a while and said
Dear King! Don’t be afraid. This astrologist is a liar and I’ll prove it before you.
Then the minister turned towards the astrologist and said
You have told about the king. Now tell me about your future. How long will you live?
Astrologist made some calculations again and said
I’ll live thirty years more.
The minister called for the executioner and said
Kill this astrologist.
                The executioner at once killed that astrologist with the sword and the dead body was before king. Now the minister said to the King
Respected Sir! As he said that he will live thirty years more but he is dead now so his prediction about you is also wrong. One who do not know about himself, how can he predict about others.
                 The King was satisfied at this and all the other people were also satisfied to get red from a liar. The King said at this
Thank you dear you saved me from a great grief. Now I believe that no one knows about the future.

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