Wednesday, 4 July 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids don't ever make your habit to lie other wise you will be like Andy was in this true story. 

Root Of Evil

                   Dad! Frank uncle is on the door and he is asking for you.
Andy said to his father. His father said something in Andy’s ear. For some moments he looked with a strange view to his father and then said
Dad! Why should I lie? You are at home.
Do what I say. His father shouted.
                     Andy was an eight years old boy. He went towards door and tolf Frank uncle that his daddy was not at home. He kept on thinking
Why did my dad lie?
Is it good to lie someone?
Thinking all these things whole day long, he didn’t do his homework. His mother asked for his homework and he spoke truly that he has not done his complete homework. His Mom said
Don’t you worry my son. I’ll write to your teacher that you were ill so due to this you didn’t do your home work.
But Mom I was all right. He said to his Mom.
But my dear son if I don’t do this, you will be punished and with this little lie you can make yourself safe.
Andy got this point and was satisfied now.
                 He read in his books that to lie is a bad habbit and is the root cause of all evils but his parents were saying him to lie. So by seeing the benefits of lie, he started lying. He started to reveal all his bad manners in lie and so his bad habbits and wrong works started to increase. Now it was his habbit to lie. His complaints started to come from school but with every question from his parents he escaped himself with lies. He said that everyone is jealous with me and that’s why they send complaints to you. After some years he was caught by police in a burgalry. When his parents came at the police station for the meeting, he was standing before the police officer. He said to the officer
I was a good boy. I used to hate lies but my parents taught me how to lie. I am not the culprit. They are the true culprits.
After saying this, he started weeping bitterly. He was then taken by the police officer and was sent towards the prison for his punishment. 

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