Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids be honest like Brent and then definitely you'll find your reward. Read this short story and enjoy.

Reward of Honesty

                 Brent was a poor but honest boy. His parents had been died in an accident and now he was running his own family being the elder one. He had two sisters and one brother. He wandered for a job but due to being a poor no one offered him a job. He sold all the precious things of his house and there was nothing left. Then they started to borrow from the people but after some days the people denied to lend them money.
                  Brent was now being hopeless. One day he wandered here and there in search of a job but no one considered him to be fit for a job. He was returning towards him home hopeless, when he saw a wallet in the street. He saw here and there but there was no one in the street. He picked that wallet. He was very happy to find that wallet. He came to his home and was very happy to see that there was a lot of money in that wallet.
                 He thought about that wallet all the day long. There were also a man’s identity card and some other documents in that wallet. At last he decided to give that wallet back to the owner.
                Next morning he went towards the owner’s house on the address written on the identity card. Brent was amazed to see that the owner was a big business man of that city. He became very happy to see Brent with his wallet.
                They had a lunch together and after lunch the business man told to Brent that he himself threw his wallet in that street.
Why did you do that? Brent asked him.
I needed a secretary at my office. I gave this position to many persons but they all cheated with me so I threw this wallet and decided that now I’ll give this position to that person who will bring this wallet back to me. So I have decided to appoint you on this post.
From the next day Brent started his job and then they all led a happy life.

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