Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story will tell you about importance of living in peace. Read and enjoy.

Don’t Fight


                          Once there was a crow. Every year in spring season he used to come in the jungle where he had built a nest. Whole day he used to fly in search of food and spent night in the nest. Next year when he came back to the jungle in spring season, another crow was sitting in his nest. Fist crow said,
“This is my nest. I made it by picking one by one straw from the jungle. I live in the nest every year in the spring season. I am late this season. But you don’t have the right on this nest.”
New crow was very quarrelsome. He said to the first crow,
“How can I know that you made it? I came fist here so it’s my right to live in this nest. I will not leave this nest. You should go and build a new nest for yourself.”
They started fighting and came down from the tree while fighting. A cunning cat was sitting under that tree. She was hearing their conversation. Cat caught them and asked, “why are you fighting?”
First crow said, “This is my nest. I made it myself. Every year I use to came here and live here. This time he occupy my nest and he is not leaving it”
Cat said, “why you came late? You had to come first. So you don’t have right to live in this nest. You are fighting for nothing”
Saying this, cat caught that crow from the neck and ate him. Second crow who was seeing this end of the crow, became very happy that cat made decision in favor of him. But cat was so cunning. She asked the crow,
“Why you started living in the nest while you know that this was nest that someone has made for himself. Why you didn’t make nest for yourself?”
Cat came in anger. She caught that crow too and ate it up.

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