Friday, 13 July 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story will tell you that never be rude and bad to other people otherwise you will have to pay for this.



                    Frank lived in a poor country. He was twelve years old. One day he was travelling alone in a train to meet his grandparents in another town. During the journey the train stopped at a station, a well dressed man entered in the train and came near Frank. There was no seat left in the train to sit. The new comer said to Frank
Why are you still sitting on the seat and I am standing. Get up and let me sit.
Frank said to him
This is my seat and I have ticket for this seat.
The man became furious and said
You nonsense, poor person, how dare you talk to me like this. Get up from this seat otherwise I’ll beat you up.
Frank became afraid and got up from the seat.
                    That man sat on the seat with victorious smile.  After two hours the man went off from the train at his station and Frank again came onto his seat. The man went towards the airport from the station because he was going towards another country but when he arrived at the station he found that his passport and ticket were missing and he left his bag on the train. Now he was ashamed of what he did to a poor boy. He came again at the station and went behind that train. At the next station he caught that train and went inside. Frank was still there. The man apologized from Frank and asked for his bag. Frank gave him his bag with a smile.

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