Friday, 13 July 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids enjoy this true story about result of a good deed.

Gain from Good Deed


                              In ancient times a good natured man named Denny helped a needy old man. After some days Denny was caught in a criminal case and was sentenced for death penalty. The king of that country ordered to execute that penalty. After the decision on the king, king’s man took him to the place where he was to be hanged. Thousands of man gathered there to see the end of that man. In those men, that old man was also there who was helped by that young man. Old man was very sad to see Deny in this condition.
He started planning that how he should save his life. He hit upon a plan. He started shouting, “our king has died, and our country is an orphan now. All the men started to scatter after hearing this. The executer also threw his sword and ran towards the palace. During this chaos Danny ran away from that place.
                    After some time everyone came to know that the news was wrong and the old man did this to save Denny. Denny and the old man were soon caught by the police. The king asked to old man
Why did you do this? Everyone knows that my every decision is based on justice. Why did you want my death?
                 The old man told everything about Denny’s help in his hard times and confessed that he told the lie to save the life of Denny.
The king was impressed by this and he released both of them. They all led a happy life thereafter.

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