Friday, 27 July 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids! Enjoy this short story of naughty hen.

Naughty Hen


                      Once upon a time a community of hens lived in a jungle. All the hens lived happily there.  They used to get up early in the morning, used to feed their little chicks and then went outside to eat and collect grains. Some of the hens were very good in nature and some were very clever. Tim Tim was very clever and naughty. One day she planned to stay at her home. So next day she pretended to be ill. When all then hens were out from their homes, she came outside of her home. In the meanwhile she saw that her neighbor Didi’s door was open. Tim Tim came inside her house. She saw that Didi’s eggs were there. She came forward and ate up one of those eggs.
                 After few days Tim Tim made it her routine. She used to pretend as an ill and then used to eat up an egg daily. She was enjoying this routine. After some days all the hens gathered and had a meeting. The oldest hen said
One egg is daily eaten up by someone. We want to catch the thief and punish hard. If you suspect anyone or know about the thief please tell me.
No one told anything. Tim Tim was smiling inside. Next day she again went to eat an egg but she was not aware that Didi was hiding herself behind the door. She catched Tim Tim while stealing the egg and brought her against jury. The jury decided that Tim Tim will be a servant of all the hens for six months. Now Tim Tim was very ashamed of what she did.

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