Thursday, 26 July 2012

Funny Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids! Enjoy this short and funny story.

Rich Businessman


                       A man went from an orphanage to a millionaire businessman to get donation. He went with full preparation. He went and said
Sir! According to our information you have millions of dollars in these two banks. You have plenty of agricultural land and many commercial plazas in this city. You have also partnership in many other factories but you never have donated anything to any needy institution.
The businessman heard all this and said
Your information is absolutely right but you do not know complete information about me. My mother lives in nearby city and she has no source of income.
The man said, “Sorry sir! I didn’t know it.”
The businessman said, “My brother is handicapped and he also has no source of income. My sister is widow and she also has no source of income.”
The man said, “I am sorry. If I knew these details I never had come to you. You are helping so many people.”
The businessman said in a loud voice, “Still you don’t know all the details. My point is that if I am not helping these needy relatives then why should I help you?”

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