Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids don't ever steal anything from any body. This short story will tell you the result of stealing something.

Result of Theft


                           A snake charmer lived in a village. One day he caught a poisonous snake in a jungle and put that into a beautiful and closed basket. He went towards his home. It became dark on his way back and he stayed under a tree to spend the night. Due to a long journey, he was very tired and very soon he fell asleep there. A thief saw him sleeping there with a beautiful basket. He thought that there must be a precious thing in that basket so he stole that basket and ran away.
                         When he got far away, he decided to open the basket to see what precious thing was inside. As he opened that basket, the snake came out at once and bit him on his hand. Due to very deadly poison, the thief died within minutes.
                          On the other hand when the snake charmer awoke and found his basket missing, he started to find it. After sometime he found that basket with the dead thief. That sight told him the whole story. Poor thief got the death penalty for stealing a basket. 

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