Thursday, 12 July 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids Don't be lazy as Amelia was in this true story.


                Amelia was an intelligent and cute girl. She was amongst the very good students in her class. She had a bad habit of being lazy. In every work she used to show laziness and did her work at the very last moment. One day she came from school and went to her bed. Her mother was working in the kitchen. Her maid was going out from the home and she told Amelia to close the main door. Amelia said
Ok Mom I’ll do that.
                 In the meanwhile she fell asleep and her mother kept on working in the kitchen.  The main gate was still open. After some minutes some men entered in the house. Their faces were covered and they were having guns in their hands. Hearing the sounds they both came out and were stunned to see that. They got all the precious things in the house and went from the house. They faced such a huge loss due to Amelia’s laziness. Amelia promised with her parents not to be lazy again. 

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