Monday, 16 July 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this true story will tell you the importance of time.

Value of Time


                               Terry was the student of fifth grade. He was more intelligent then all his classmates but he had a bad habit of wasting his time. He used to do all his work at the last available time. His Mom used to advice him
Dear son! The persons who do not value their time, always remains behind than success.
But he never got that point. Once there was a speech competition in his school. He was also included as a contestant and his teacher instructed him to prepare his speech. The title of his speech was “Value of Time.” One week before the competition, his mother asked him to prepare the speech but he kept on his previous routine. He wasted his available time in computer games and other activities. The time passed swiftly and he came to realize when there was only one day left from the competition.  He was really worried now. When his Mom saw his sad she asked
What happened?
He replied,” There is only one day left from competition and I have not made any preparation.
His mother said,” The persons who do not do their work on time, they face these types of worries regularly.”
His mother helped him in writing his speech. He couldn’t prepare his speech well due to shortage of time. Next day every child in the competition made a speech. Terry’s turn came and he was called on stage. He was confused on stage due to non preparation and confusion erased all the data in his mind. This condition made his nervous and tears came in his eyes. For some time he kept on weeping and then he said in tears
Now I realize the true value of time. Now I realize that the people who do not value the time, the time do not value them. I make promise to myself that from now on I’ll do every task on time so that this type of situation will not arise for me in the future. I also advice you to do all your works on time.  

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