Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids enjoy this short story of little rabbit.

Little Rabbit


                               In a jungle a little rabbit lived with his parents. Daily his parents used to tell him
We are going out to bring food for you. Please do not go outside. There are dangers outside for you. You are younger and cannot escape from the deadly animals. Eagles, jackals, lions, tigers and other animals are very dangerous. So you do not go outside and wait for us.
The little rabbit listened to his parents and always said yes to his parents.
                    One day when his parents went outside, he decided to come outside. Weather was very good outside and he began to jump and run in the good atmosphere. He was enjoying. During this practice, he reached very far from and even forgot his way home. In the meanwhile a jackal got his view. He ran in full speed to save his life. Fortunately he saw his house while he was entering in the house the jackal got his tail. Now the jackal was dragging him towards outside and he was trying his best to go inside. During this, his tail was cut by the jackal and he entered his home.
                  When his parents came in the evening, he told them the whole story. His father said
Those children always face loss who do not obey their parents.
The little rabbit apologized from his parents and promised to be an obedient son. 

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