Sunday, 1 March 2015

Time is Money

Dear Kids! This True Story teaches us a lesson that time should not be wasted.

James was a good and well mannered boy. He was a student of 10th class. All the teachers liked him for his good habits but he had a bad habit. That habit was that he never did his work on time and always delayed his today’s work till the next day. He faced many difficulties for his this bad habit. Madam Dora also liked the James and she was also aware of his bad habit. She tried to understand the value of time to James but all in vain. When exams came near, Madam Dora felt that if James didn’t gave up his bad habit then he will be failed. He will not get good marks. One day, she called for the James and said, “Listen James, I tried to make you understand that you should make use of the time that you have. You don’t do your work on time. Now your exams are very near. If you still behaved like before then you will face difficulty. So, you should get rid of this bad habit as soon as possible and promise me that you will not waste your time so that you should get good marks”

“Madam! I tried to act upon your advice before but I was not successful. I realize that my exams are near and I could not give up this habit. I make promise that I do not waste my time from today so that I can get good marks.”

James acted upon his teacher advice strictly and didn’t waste his time. He faced some difficulty in start but then he became used to. After some days, his exams commenced. Today, it was his first paper. His first paper went nice because he prepared for the paper on time. Paper ended and he was waiting for the result. When result came, James was successful and he was very happy. James was grateful to his Madam who provide guidelines for James that wasting time is not good habit. It was his Madam that told him that time is money and don’t waste it.

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