Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Wise Monkey

Dear kids this story is funny and about wise lesson. Read it and enjoy



Once a monkey named Haka lived on a mango tree with his group. He was brave and intelligent but sometimes he used to act like a fool. All group respected him and obeyed his orders.

For some days a tension was there in all his group. The problem was that mango tree was very old. For many years it gave up to provide fruits, leaves were reducing day by day. There were many other green and strong trees in the jungle everywhere. It was possible for them to live there. They tried many times to convince Haka but in vain. Haka loved this tree because his grandparents used to live there and this tree provided sweet and fresh mangoes for many years as well as facilitated them with shadow and shelter. Due to these reasons his emotional attachment was developed to that tree and did not want to leave it. In the group there was a small monkey named Toba. Toba was very wise but a little bit naughty. All the monkeys of group knew that after Haka their leader will be Toba. All the group went to Toba and said “ Please Toba advice wisely to Haka about leaving this tree the life in here is being difficult day by day.”

He said “ I also want to leave this place I have talked to him but he feels sad about leaving this place.”  

All the group sadly said “ But how can we continue to live here”

Toba said “brothers no need to get sad any problem can be settled if handled wisely I’ll do something for it.”

Next day Toba came to Haka Crying loudly.

“What happened?” Haka asked.

He replied “ I went to eat mangoes on the other side of the bank”

“I warned you not to go there the watchmen has long sticks to beat” Haka said angrily.

Toba said with a grim voice “same was there he saw me and tried to torture hardly with his stick. I managed to escape but my hand was injured badly”

“No need to get worry bandage will heal your wound up in some days” Haka said.

After some days Toba came jumping around and said “I am all well and there is no pain”

“ But why are you still having bandage” Haka asked.

He replied” It healed my wound and I like it very much. I’ll never leave it”

“Come on do not be a fool one day you will be the leader of the group and if you continue to act like a fool who will respect you as a leader”

Toba said” You are also the leader you love this tree and never want to leave it neither it gives food and neither shadow nor it has shelter and leaves. So I’ll never leave that bandage and keep it with me”.

At this Haka thought that he is also not being wise like Toba. All the group was in trouble and wanted to leave that tree. He said to Toba.

“You are really very good how easily you realized me my fault. We will go to another tree today”

“If that is so I’ll leave that bondage” Toba said mischievously.
All the group left that tree. They all were very happy.

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