Monday, 28 November 2011

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids enjoy this interesting story about the attack of animals on humans.                                                                      
                                                Attack by Animals
   In the ancient times all the animals lived only in the jungle and all the human beings lived in the cities. In a jungle there was a great gathering. Lion, jackal, tortoise, fox, bear, tiger and rabbit were sitting in a circle and in the circle Pinko monkey was dancing. Pinko had a baby boy that day, he was very happy and gathered all the animals in his celebration.
                       When Pinko got tired the bear came into ring and started his dance in his way. All the animals clapped and whistled at him. It was a great gathering and they had bananas, apples, guava and other fruits for eating. Suddenly they heard the voice of bullets. They all became silent and then the elephant came running and said hide yourself, humans have attacked the jungle. All of them ran at once and tried to hide themselves. Some of them succeeded to escape but the others were died. When the attack was over, they came outside. All the animals were sad. At this the lion said to them, “I am sad at all this but now we’ll make our preparation. We’ll have to make an army.”
                        “Not only we’ll make an army but we’ll attack on the humans and teach them a lesson so that they’ll never think to come in the jungle again” Tinko said in a loud voice. “we are all ready to teach humans a lesson” all the animals shouted. The lion picked an animal from every house of the jungle, trained them and so made a huge army. Now they marched towards the city to attack humans. All of them were furious and entered the city.
                         When the humans saw this they made themselves closed in their houses and closed their doors so the animals couldn’t do anything to humans now they turned towards fields and gardens. All the humans were in great tension. All wise men gathered and made a decision. They made a good food for animals and mixed a medicine in it to make them faint. Afterwards they put the food where the animals were. All the animals came at once towards the meal due to its fragrance of food. They all ate it heartily and became senseless.
                        Humans were watching this from distance. When all the animals were senseless they came towards them and tied them tight with ropes. So in this way all the animals were tied. Now when the animals came in senses humans stroked them hard with sticks. The animals were ashamed, they apologized but humans made them captives. It was the punishment for their attack to the animals. Even now we can see many animals which are captives and having their punishment.            

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