Sunday, 27 November 2011

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this true story tells us that we should always respect sincere persons in our lives.
                                                       Good Deed
 Eddy was a cute and good boy. He was of seven when his parents died in a car accident. His uncle was a good person and loved him very much so he brought Eddy in his house and Eddy started to live there. His aunt was a cruel lady; she treated him like a servant and slapped him even on little mistakes.  She even didn’t allow him to go towards the school.
                Eddy respected his aunt very much, always tried to do all his works with great care but she didn’t realize it and always found the ways to beat Eddy. His uncle tried to convince her that he is my brothers’ son, he is an orphan, don’t be cruel to him but she didn’t stopped that. One day by mistake Eddy broke a precious jug and at that her aunt punched him very hard. He came out from home weeping bitterly and went to a nearby park. He sat on a bench and reminded of his parents who always treated nice to him. After some time when he was coming back, he saw a gathering of people on the road. When he came near the gathering he saw his uncles’ son Frank lying on the road and injured badly. People told him that a car struck him hard and left him.
                 Eddy brought him to the nearest hospital and told at home on the phone. After a while his uncle and aunty came to the hospital. Aunty was weeping to see this all. Doctor demanded immediately for the blood because franks’ life was in danger. Eddy said to doctor,” take my blood.”
               His blood group matched with that of Frank’s. Doctor immediately took the blood from him and injected it in Frank. After some time the doctor came to his uncle and congratulated him,” your son is safe now. Now you can see him.”
              His uncle and aunty said to doctor,” Kindly tell us about the person who donated blood to our son.” Doctor took them towards the room and they were surprised to see Eddy lying on the bed as a donor. His aunt was ashamed for her behavior towards Eddy. She didn’t even allow him to go to school and on the other hand Eddy donated blood to her son. After this incident his aunt changed completely. Eddy started to go school and his aunt became like his own mother. Happiness was all around him.    

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