Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this interesting story tells us that our home is more beautiful than any place in the earth. 
                                                               Strange Wish
   In ancient times a girl Morgina lived in a small village. She was cute and intelligent and always respected her elders. All the people liked her but she had a bad habit of being always in dreams of fairies. She wished to be a queen of fairies and to fly like a fairy. Everyone who heard about the wish laughed at her. At last one day she decided finally to be the queen of fairies. Now as she got chance, she went out from her house to fulfill her desire. She once heard from her grandmother that fairies live behind the hills so she started her journey towards the hills.
                    She kept on her journey with determination and didn’t care for thirst, hunger and other hardships. Her feet were injured but she didn’t care for it. After every hill she saw waterfalls, small villages and other things but she didn’t saw a sign of fairies. So she started to weep bitterly and went on sleep. After a sound sleep she got up and again started her journey with new determination.
                    At last after very hard struggle she reached in the fairyland. Fairies were flying everywhere. They were talking to each other. Morgina was looking them with interest but now she had a problem. She neither could fly like fairies and nor she could talk like them so she became sad again. In the meantime a fairy came to her and pointed towards a garden. She went in that beautiful garden and there she saw a very beautiful fairy and that beautiful fairy talked her in her own language,” don’t fear brave girl come near me.” Then the beautiful fairy took her in the palace, gave her a nice meal and then said,” Now you tell me the purpose of coming here.” Morgina told her the whole story about coming there. The fairy appreciated her courage and said,” I am the queen of here and have inspired from your bravery. Will you be my friend?” Morgina got her hand at once and became her friend.
                   As time passed, their friendship became deep, fairy queen also gave her wings and now she was able to fly like fairies. She was very happy there. After some days a get together was arranged in fairyland. Every fairy was with their parents, brothers and sisters. Now the Morgina became very sad to remind her parents and thought that due to her desire she left her parents, brothers and sisters. She got wings, became a fairy but she lost her parents.
                  One night she wrote a letter to fairy queen and left the palace silently. After some days journey she reached her home but look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A big lock was hanging on the door and there was no one in her house. She became very sad. One of her neighbor told her that her family left the house before some days. She started to cry bitterly after hearing this and was very ashamed of what she did. She wanted to apologize from her parents. After crying bitterly she became senseless.
                  When she was awake she found herself in the palace again. She was alone in the room and when she opened the window, she saw a huge gathering of fairies preparing for a celebration. Then fairy queen entered the room and behind the fairy queen her parents, brothers and sisters entered the room. She came to them, hurriedly embraced them and said,” Please mom forgive me, dad I’ll never do such type of mistake again.”
                 After a while the fairy queen said to her,” I brought your family here the very next day you came here but I didn’t tell you because I wanted to know either you go back to them or forget about them by living in luxuries here and now I am glad that you didn’t forget your parents”. The fairy queen brought her out from the palace where everyone was waiting for them.
                 “You wanted to be the queen of fairies so from now on you are the queen of fairies” by saying this she put off the gold crown from her head and put it on the head of Morgina. Morgina embraced the fairy and said,” thank you very much.” All the fairies shouted” long live queen”     

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