Saturday, 26 November 2011

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this true story is about wrong decisions made in haste. Try not to be like him.

                   A king went with his companions towards the jungle for hunting. He saw a beautiful deer and ran after it riding on his horse. He lost his companions and lost the deer also. After a while he felt thirst and brought out the bottle of water but that was empty. King had a tamed eagle with him. He flew the eagle to search the water nearby but after some time eagle came back with negative signs of water.
                 Now the king started the search himself and saw a small hill and water was flowing from the top of that hill. He came to that water and put his water bottle where the water was flowing. After some time the bottle was full. When the king brought the bottle near his mouth to drink the eagle kicked the bottle with his claw and the entire bottle became empty again. King was furious at this but he loved his tamed eagle and said nothing. He again filled the bottle and when he was about to drink the eagle did the same to him. Now the king was out of control and he killed his eagle with the arrow. Now as the king looked upward for throwing the arrow he saw that at the top of the mountain a big Anaconda was lying dead and water was flowing around his body. Now the king realized why the eagle was trying to prevent the king from drinking that water because it was contaminated with the poison of Anaconda. Now the king was very sad about his lovely eagle but now there was no use to cry over spilt milk.
                    Dear kids we should not make all the decisions in haste instead every work should be done with great care.

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