Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ghost Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story is very funny. Don't be afraid like Tyler.
Ghost Night


                   Time was nearly 2 AM. There was complete silence in the whole house but Tyler who was on his bed was not in sleep yet. He was thinking about the whole day spent with his uncle and cousins. They went in parks, played games and enjoyed with tasty meals. Thinking about all these things, he was away from sleep.

                   Suddenly Tyler felt that there is someone else in his room. He heard some strange voices and stare in the dark to judge who is that but he couldn’t know anything. “Door was completely closed then how anyone can enter in my room” he thought. He reminded of the stories about ghosts who try to frighten the children by entering in their rooms. He also reminded that he didn’t believe on that stories and always made fun of them. Now his legs were shivering from fear and he sat on his bed.

                  Grrrrrrrrr         grrrrrrrrrrr       grrrrrrrrrrr …………….   Again that sound came in his ears and now he felt that sounds were nearer. Sweat was coming on his forehead. His heart was beating fast. He thought that suddenly a ghost will come before him with long and sharp teeth and eyes terribly red he will enjoy by killing me and after that drink my whole blood. After thinking this eyes of the Tyler were full of tears. Even he didn’t have courage to shout loud and call someone to help. Suddenly he felt that someone has jumped from his bed and when Tyler stared there he found that it was a big rat who was walking around. Tyler switched on the light of the room and wanted to kill the rat who frightened him so much that he was about to weep. He opened the door of his room and after some time the rat was out of his room. Now Tyler tried to make himself relax and then inspected the room thoroughly to find if anyone else was there. He closed the door, switched off the light and came to his bed. Now he completely believed that there is no reality about ghosts.

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