Thursday, 24 November 2011

Funny Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this is very funny story. Read it and enjoy.
Lion In Trouble

                                In a state of a country there was a small valley. A lion lived in the mountains near the valley. The people of valley were very frightened from the lion. Lions’ roar made them covered in the rooms of their houses. In a winter evening lion came into valley from the mountain. He was very hungry and searching for the food. When he reached near a window of the house, he saw a child crying loudly. The lion thought to eat that child. He was about to enter in the room when a woman voice came, “be quiet!!!! Look a fox is coming” but the baby did not stopped.

Child’s mother again said, “There is a bearstanding outside the window.” Child was still crying. Now lion became upset from hunger, he was about to enter in the roomwhen the mother again said, “lion is coming!!!!! Lion is coming he is outside the window.” But the child was still crying. The lion thought how she knows that I am here? He thought for a while then again came forward to enter the room. The child was still crying, he did not stopped to hear about a lion.

The lion was seeing first time a human being who was not afraid from a lion and he is even a small child. The lion was of the view that everyone is afraid from him but this child is very brave he thought for a while. He heard the voice of the mother again, “now please be quiet look there is a cookie.” The child at once stopped crying. There was silenceeverywhere. The lion thought who is cookie? Is he stringer than a lion, horrible than a lion? He must be because if that is not so the child should not be stopped on the name of a cookie. Now the lion was frightened. Right at that time a heavy thing fell on him. The lion ran at once, he thought that the cookie has come to me. No one can attack me except the cookie.

                      Actually a thief was on the roof that had came to steal things. The thief jumped in the dark, he did not knew that there is a lion standing where he jumped and when he knew about the lion he also became very frightened. The lion increased his speed due to fear and the thief held the lion firmly because he knew that if he falls from the back of a lion, the lion will definitely eat him. On the other hand lion was thinking that cookie is not leaving him and will kill him. At last luckily the thief saw a rope hanging from a tree, caught the rope and at once climbed up to the tree. He was relieved to escape from a lion.

                    On the other hand lion was also relieved to escape. He was thinking that the cookie is more powerful and horrible than me. He went back to the mountain

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