Friday, 25 November 2011

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids in this true story you will find that the people who do bad things definitely find a bad endings. 
                                                  Do Good Have Good

                “What’s wrong dear Benn? You are looking upset from yesterday.  Will you not tell me?”
His mother asked gently.
               “Mom! You already know that my friend Danny’s dad lives in America. He is coming home next week. When Danny told me that yesterday, I reminded of my dad who also went there but never returned. I was sad to think about this”. When Tony told this to her mother, she went silently towards the kitchen.
                 Benn and Brad were two brothers. Their dad was a manager in private firm. The firm decided to send them to America on an official tour. At that time Benn was four year old while Brad was one. He set off for the journey but for many days he did not contacted with the family. They tried to contact America where he was supposed to be but reply was that he even not reached there. They contacted with the police at this and at last police found the car of his dad which was damaged. After the car was found they tried to search his dad but there was no result and all the people said that Benn’s dad was killed along with his driver but who did this and why did this they didn’t know.
            The time went on after that. Both the brothers started their school. Their mother became a school teacher. Their mother and grandparents told them that their daddy is in America and will come back when both the brothers will grow up.
              After school time Benn used to spend most of his time before the picture of his dad and demanded about toys and other gifts and sometimes demanded from them to come back home early. One day he asked from mother,” who is standing besides dad in this picture?”  “He is Mr. Andy a friend of your father” she replied. Actually the picture was of his dad and his driver which was taken some moments earlier before they went.
               After some years on a Sunday their grandmother called them and said,” dear Benn now you’ve grown up and have become intelligent. I need to talk to you”. Then his grandfather told him everything about his dad. He was shocked at this, for some moments he was not able to move and then tears started to come onto his face. “Dear we didn’t tell you earlier because you were so young for this but now you are a big brave boy” his grandfather said to him.
               His routine was the same he used to sit before the picture of his dad after coming from school but now he didn’t utter a word standing there and kept on watching it silently.
              Today was Sunday and Danny had invited him many times on phone to come at his house. Danny’s dad had arrived from America and they had a grand party at their house. Benn didn’t want to go there but his mother and grandfather insisted him to go and so he went to attend the party. Danny was very happy to see Ben at his party. “Thank God you came here. Come let’s see my Papa” they went to another room and Danny said” Benn!!!  This is my Papa and Papa!!! This is my best friend Benn”.
Benn was little surprised at this. He was Mr. Andy, the driver of his father. He didn’t tell anyone about this came forward and made a handshake with Danny’s dad. After some moments he said to Danny,” I need to make a phone call, mother told me to inform her after reaching at the party.” “Sure Why not” Danny took him near the phone in his room and went back to the party.
                         Benn talked to her mother and told everything “don’t tell anyone about this. I am coming with police and don’t tell your father’s name to anyone” the phone was disconnected.
                        Mr. Andy firstly didn’t tell anything to the police but after some time he said,” When we set off from home, I gave him a juice which made him senseless and then dropped him down from a mountain and damaged the car so that people take it as an accident. Then I went to the America with the money I got from Benn’s dad.   Mr. Andy was sent to jail after this.  
                         After some days Benn’s dad came to house, they all were shocked to see him and all of them were very happy. Benn’s dad told them that he found himself in a valley badly injured. Then a good tribe leader took him towards his house. The accident badly injured my legs; I was not able to walk. They all treated me with great love and affection. They treated my legs injury for many years and now I am able to move. They all lived happily after and Mr. Andy got the punishment of what he did.

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