Wednesday, 30 November 2011

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids in this true story we find that a truthful personality has no fear and truth always wins in the end.
                                                               Truth Wins
 Door bell rang and the Stacy went to open the door. “If my friend is on the door tell him that I am not at home” her brother Eddy shouted from behind.
Stacy looked back and said,” why should I tell a lie. You are at home.”
“Do what I said and mind your own business” Eddy said with anger.
Stacy opened the door and a friend of his brother Jack was standing there. She said to him,” Eddy is not at home”
“When he comes back tell him to make me a phone call” Jack said and left the door.
She came back and said to Eddy,” I’ve told a lie just because of you next time be careful and don’t ask me to do that”
“Do as I said and don’t talk much” Eddy said to her. She decided to herself that she will never tell a lie again because she hated lies and always spoke the truth.
               After some days the door knocked, she went towards the door and saw Jack standing there. She brought him in and pointed towards the Eddy’s room” he is inside.” Eddy came out, stared at Stacy with anger and took Jack towards his room.
              Sometime later when Jack went back towards his house, Eddy came to Stacy and said,” I told you to tell my friends that I am not at home. Why did you bring him in?”
                         Stacy said in a calm voice, “I did this because I hate to tell a lie. You know that to prove your one lie you have to tell many lies and if telling lies become your habit then to leave this habit do not only becomes difficult but impossible and a liar cannot hide himself always from the eyes of others. Then we get nothing but shame. So better is to always speak the truth and save you from future tensions.”
                         Stacy kept on speaking and unusually his brother was a bit ashamed. He said,” you are right. I promise you to never tell a lie and never tell anyone to tell a lie. Thank you very much for guiding me to right path”

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