Thursday, 1 December 2011

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story tells us that politeness is always good than proud or attitude.
                                                                           Proud Girl            
         Julie was a very beautiful and intelligent girl. She was studying in 7th grade. She was the topper of every class so it became her proud. She thought of herself as matchless in beauty and intelligence. Due to her proud she didn’t got a friend in her class and when the other girls wanted to become her friend she refused by saying that
“You are not up to my standard”
Only Emilia was her friend. She was her neighbor as well as class fellow. Emilia told her not to be proud because it leads us to be bad but Julie didn’t give consideration to it.
                     Time passed in this way and Julie was again the topper of the class. In the start of 8th standard a new girl Kristy came in their class. Julie was astonished to see that Kristy was more beautiful than her and time revealed that she was intelligent also. Kristy was very polite and good to everyone in the class and within no time she made many friends in the class and even teachers liked her very much and appreciated her because she was not proud like Julie. Now Julie was jealous with her. One day Kristy came to Julie and said
 “Will you be my friend?”
Julie was furious at this she stood up with anger and said
“What do you think about yourself? By being cute and intelligent you can be my friend and will take my position but you cannot do that. You cannot become like me because I cannot lose”
Kristy was shocked at this and thought that “when I am not taking her like this why did she think that.”  She said nothing and went from there.
               Annual examination came and now Julie was studying hard to be the topper of the class again because she wanted to be better than Kristy. When examination was over the result came and look!!!!!!!!! Kristy got the first position in class and Julie was on the second place.
             All the pride of Julie went off in a second and now she knew that pride never leads you to happiness and jealousy make you a bad person. She went to Kristy, apologized her behavior and they became friends. 

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