Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story tells us that every hard worker gets a reward in his or her life. Work hard to make your life happy.
                                                   Fairy from the Rose
                  After doing different type of works at home Sumana picked her basket and net and went towards lake. It was her daily routine to come towards lake and catch the fish. If at any day the basket was not full with fish, her aunt treated her badly even she was kept hungry on that day as a punishment.
                  Sumana was a very nice girl. Her parents were dead and she lived in her uncle’s house. She had a cousin in her uncle’s house named Andrina. Sumana’s aunt always teased her with harsh words and plenty of work was given to her every day. Sumana was very fond of studying but her aunt didn’t allow her to go to school. On the other hand Andrina joined a good school and after returning from school she also teased Sumana. Andrina was in 4th grade and Sumana thought that if she would have joined the school she also would be in 4th grade.
One day Sumana put the net in the lake and waited at a nearby stone. After some time her basket was full of fish. At that time weather was very cloudy and cool breeze was there. She hurried towards home but now the speed of wind was very fast. Leaves were everywhere due to fast wind and it started to rain. Sumana ran towards her home. After returning home she saw a big red rose in her basket. Sumana tried to pick up that rose but look!!!!  All the petals of rose suddenly closed and when Sumana kept her hand away from the rose it was again a big beautiful rose and now a beautiful fairy came out of the rose. Sumana was afraid at this but the fairy said
“Don’t be afraid I’ll not harm you Sumana”
“How do you know my name?” Sumana asked.
“I used to watch you every day at the lake when you catch the fish because I live in that lake and try to be your friend because I like you very much. I know that you want to be at school but your aunt don’t allow you to do that. Now from onwards it will be not like that I’ll do all your assigned work with my magic stick and you’ll study the books that I’ll bring for you from school.”
Now the Sumana was very happy and afterwards she studied very hard and some years later she became a good doctor. She left the house of her uncle and purchased one of her own where she lived with her friend. A happy life was there.

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