Monday, 26 December 2011

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this is an interesting story. Read this adventurous story and enjoy.
        Princess in Danger    
                   Amelia was busy in his beautiful lawn with the plants. She always used her spare time with the plants. She planted new ones and trimmed the old ones. Sometimes she became so tired that she used to sleep in the lawn and her mother or grand mother took her to the bed.
            With the sound of the car she rushed towards the door. His daddy was back from the office and he promised in the morning that he will bring new plants with him. Due to this reason Amelia was so excited. By seeing many new plants in his daddy’s hands she was exhilarated
“Daddy give me these I’ll take good care of them and make them grow” by saying this she took all the plants and took them in his small garden and planted all these at once.
              Next morning when Amelia went in the garden she saw that many plants were looking good and green but only one was looking pale and closed. She watered again them and tried to make a good environment for them. As time passed all other plants grew into big ones but that plant didn’t increase in size even though it was greenish in look. Amelia touched the plant with affection and suddenly she felt that her hand was stuck with the plant. She was about to call her family members when she heard
“Amelia! Will you help Princess Barbara?”
Amelia was astonished to hear this and now her hand was free from the plant.
“What kind of help?” she asked.
“Princess Barbara is sleeping a magic sleep for three months and a dangerous demon has made her to do so but if you want you can set her free from this”
“Tell me more about Princess Barbara and yourself so that I can find out the ways to help”
“Princess Barbara is the only daughter of his father King Bruce. His palace is in the nearby with mountains and it is beautiful, wide and splendid. One day Manda the leader of evil forces came across the palace and ordered the king to leave the palace and hand it over to Manda. The king refused and at this he kidnapped the princess with his magic stick and now the princess is in magic sleep. The princess is in deep sleep since that time. If you pluck my leaf and put it in the mouth of princess then the princess will be out of sleep and Manda will be dead at once.” The plant told the complete detail.
“I will definitely help the princess but where is she now-a-days” Amelia asked.
“She is in her palace her parents are seriously worried about her and they are calling the doctors and other specialists from all over the world to awake the princess”
Amelia told the situation to her parents and then with the leaf of plant they all went towards the palace.
They told the king that they are the doctors and will heal up the princess. The king allowed them and look! The princess was awake at once. They were awarded heavily from the king. Princess Barbara became the friend of Amelia and they returned home very happy. At home Amelia came over to the plant and now the plant was bigger and had flowers in it. She smiled at the plant and a flower from the plant opened itself as the plant was also smiling.

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