Friday, 2 December 2011

Funny Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this funny story is all yours to enjoy.
                                                    Keeto and Meeto
                 All the animals lived a happy life in jungle but the two of them lived happier than all. These were two cats named Keeto and Meeto. Both were friends and were definitely very cute cats. One day they were going for a walk together and felt a little bit of hunger. They saw a dog that had a piece of meat in his mouth.
                They thought of a plan. Meeto threw a piece of stone towards dog and ran away. Dog left the piece of meat and ran after her.
                Keeto picked the piece of meat at once and ran towards her home. On the other side Meeto ran harder and escaped frog dog. After some time she reached the house and both of them enjoyed a hearty meal.
               But after some days the king of jungle Lion called them because the dog had submitted a complaint about them. They apologized from dog and Lion didn’t punish them but gave them the warning. After that day they did nothing wrong to any animal in the jungle.

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