Friday, 30 December 2011

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this interesting story is about a sincere friendship. To make your life beautiful, be a sincere friend.
Good Friend
             Two rabbits Meepo and Reeko lived in a jungle and they were best friends. When any one of them found himself in difficult condition the other one came for the help and thus with the help of each other they easily solved their problems. All the other animals in the jungle were envious about their exemplary friendship. They were found always with each other whether for searching the food or to enjoy the environment. At night they used to return to their home on time.
             There was a beautiful clear water pond on the western side of the jungle. They used to go there for drinking the water and most of all there were juicy red carrots at that place to eat. So that place was their most favorite enjoying place. At the nearby mango tree there was a huge bee hive.
              On a fine weather day they went that place to enjoy and after eating some carrots they started to play with each other. A hunter came nearby that place in the search for hunt. He had some rest under the tree. While he was taking rest, he saw two beautiful rabbits playing at some distance and suddenly he thought of to kill those rabbits. He hid himself behind the tree and took out his net. Meepo and Reeko were playing without knowing that someone was going to hunt them. When they were looking towards pond and their back was towards mango tree, the hunter came out and quickly dropped his net over them. Reeko escaped from it but unfortunately Meepo was caught in it. Now Reeko rushed and hid himself near a bush but Meepo was trying hard and jumping around to get rid of that net. Reeko was very upset by seeing that and he began to think plans about Meepu. He was continuously thinking but he was finding no way out to release his best friend Meepo. Suddenly he saw the bee hive and thought of a plan. He rushed towards the tree and climbed on it. He knew that his plan was very dangerous but there was no way out to release his best friend. He reached near bee hive and made a strong push to the hive with his paw.
Bheeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!! Bheeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!        Was the sound everywhere in the tree and honey bees were furious and aggressive.  When the hunter saw the honey bees he left the Meepo in the net and ran from that place. Reeko came to his best friend and released his from that net. After that they ran towards their houses. Meepo thanked his best friend for saving his life and their life was beautiful again.

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